The Future Is Bird || OUTFIT

This weekend I finally took some outfit photos again with Senna. I know her for a while now and somehow her photos always turn out really nice. I'm wearing some of my new clothing items and of course my favorite shoes right now: my Adidas Superstars II. I love to wear an all black outfit with these bright white sneakers. I'm wearing my new prescription glasses from Polette as well, about which you will read more in two days. Make sure to hit the read more button for more photos!

Try On Spring Fashion Haul

Hey girls! February 24 I went shopping in Amsterdam with a friend and I bought many fashion pieces to wear this Spring season! I filmed the video on February 25, which was my birthday! I am not just holding the fashion items, but I'm also showing you how they fit me so I'm actually wearing them! This is different from me and my normal haul videos, so please let me know in the comments if you like this better! I bought clothes at Primark, H&M, River Island, Forever21, the Sting and Zara! Did you recently go shopping as well? Let me know in the comments what you bought! I'm sure it's awesome :D 

It's my birthday!

Yup, the time of the year has come that I've grown a year older. But this time it's still very different from other years because I turned 18. From now on I'm able to do a lot more things legally, HURRAY!  I celebrated it with my family (except for my father because he wasn't at home) because it's the best way to celebrate something like this in my opinion. I also will be celebrating my birthday for friends and other family members soon. What's your favorite way to celebrate a special birthday? Let me know in the comments! XOXO Anna

Spring 2015 Sneaker Trends

Winter is almost over which means Spring is coming up. Each season I love to buy new shoes and in Spring I often buy a new pair of sneakers. Even though I really like exciting original sneakers, sometimes I also go for a trending pair, like I did this time with my new Adidas Superstars II. In this post I will show you some of my favorite soon-to-be-here sneaker trends. Let’s get started!