Summer Wishlist!

Hi Guys! With only one more exam to go I thought I could dream about some beautiful fashion pieces I´d love to have in my wardrobe! Of course a phone case isn´t a real fashion item or garment, but Ii´d love to have some new cases for my new iPhone 6! Another thing I love are distressed black or white jeans and of course I will need a nice and cute summer dress! To accessorize my outfits I´d like a nice hat or cap and some pretty sandals. What´s on your summer wishlist? Tell us in the comments! Xo Anna

Favorite Online Fashion Shops

Hey girls! Where do I go online shopping? Well.. that´s what I´m going to tell you today! I love online shopping, but I also love to go to stores and try things on. However, most of the time I still order clothes because I don´t have time to go shopping somewhere. Today I will share my honest opinion about my favorite online shops and styles! Are you with me?

Festival Outfit Ideas

The festival season has started and I can´t wait to go to the next big festival as well! For girls it´s not just music, but wearing some cute and fashionable outfits has grown to be a must. That´s why I´m here! Today I will show you four possible festival outfits which I would love to wear to a festival! Hopefully you will be inspired from this post and make sure to let me know which outfit is your favorite!

Light 'Fit || OUTFIT

Hi guys!
Spring has sprung and the weather is getting better here. Since the weather is changing, you also have to give your wardrobe a little change. For me, it means that all the cozy sweaters are traded for cute blouses. Also the dark colors I like to wear during winter and fall, like burgundy red, are getting replaced by lots of light colors. Pastels, and mainly white. I love to wear white, and lately it’s been kinda trendy. Like white jeans and white sneakers. Today I want to show you one of my ‘light outfits’ and also give you some tips and inspiration for your own light outfit.