5 Fall/Winter Essentials

The past few weeks you found me often learning in the Bagels and Beans, a Dutch lunchroom. I must admit I’m not very proud of this, since I’m saving money, but I really liked the idea of learning over there. And it worked, it’s so nice to work and blog in another space instead of my room. I drank a lot of hot chocolate, Chai tea and more and everything was so Jummy. But this is not what the article is really about, I’m sorry. I do not only drink lots of (Chai) tea, and watch Netflix, but there are more things I love for autumn and winter, and that’s what I’m going to show you today.

Thursday Question || What Is Your Favorite Web Shop?

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Welcome back to this time my second Thursday Question! Today I was just wondering,.. everyone has a different taste in style. Even if it seems obvious people like the same kind of stores, it usually differs a lot, even with your best friends. Today I thought it would be nice to discus what your favorite web shops aka online stores are! Let's share them with each other and who knows we will discover some awesome new concepts!

Of course I will also tell you my favorites. Probably I will be going for Topshop, because the quality is always even better than expected and all their clothes are so stylish! Also I love shopping on Zara because I like the big images! I used to love Urban Outfitters as well, but if you want to return something it's so incredibly expensive! Let's see what else I like. Loavies, MANGO, Victoria's Secret and River Island, even though I've only bought something once there. Tell me about your favorites!    

Top 5 Heels & Dresses

 Hello guys! Today I’m going to show you my top 5 shoes & dresses. These are the dresses I love the most and the shoes I think are the prettiest. The most parties are in the winter time, so dresses are very useful in this season. I always wear dresses during Christmas and new years’ eve, always. Nothing is more elegant with a dress than heels. The heels give it much more class and your body looks so much prettier (in my opinion). Let’s take a look at my favorites!

Welcome to my vlog channel!

I've created a vlog channel and it's FollowingAnna! On this channel I will be posting other videos than my main channel BlogFashionAnna. What to expect? Well, I will be guiding you through the story of my life in chapters starting at chapter one! This video is just a little update about fun events coming up and I will be telling you that I just bought a new lens, went to the hairdresser and more. In other vlogs I'm planning to take you with me to events or maybe even just a regular day of school. Let me know what kind of vlogs you would like to see!