How to get the fall feeling

It's almost fall which means I'm really really happy! Even though it rains a lot, it's my favorite season. It makes me think about yummy food, nice clothes, cozy evenings, over sized sweaters, happy people and just an overall happy feeling! Today I hope to get your mood into fall and after you've read this article, I hope you will feel more happy! How to start? Just click the read more button! 

Current Beauty Favorites

My beauty routine is changing every time. I discover new products, test them, try them out, throw them far away in my drawer and never use them again or repurchase them. Today I will be showing you my hits of the past months. I use all these products very often and I'm glad I bought them! The first favorite is my Maybelline New York kohl liner because it lasts all day and gives the perfect black pigment. Click read more to for close-up photos and discover why I love these beauties!

Cheetah Printed Shoes || How Should I Wear

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Today is a start of a new series: how should I wear? In these series I will help you with all your style issues. It doesn't matter if you are searching a nice birthday outfit or if you don't know how to wear your green skirt: I'm here to help you out! Make sure to leave your style issue in the comments so maybe it's your problem being solved in the next post of these series. Today I will be showing you how I would style cheetah printed shoes. I actually thought about this subject because I maybe want to order a pair of Michael Kors shoes. I love the shoes, but I first want to know how to style them. Let's do this!

Fall Trends 2014

Every season switch I like to look around and discover and predict the latest trends. Today I'm showing you some of my findings about the upcoming fall season. The first trend are ultra low & Chelsea boots. Especially black boots will be IT, but the brown shoes are also making a return in the fashion industry. Mostly it are the ends. Instead of middle-high boots fashionista's now would buy really really high boots or very very low boots. Click read more for my other trend predictions!