Time to go fashion shopping!

Recently I bought some fashion pieces which I would love to share with you! In this video I am showing you everything I bought in the past couple of weeks. Make sure to tell me in the comments what's your favorite item, I'd love to know! I went to Primark, Forever21, Vero Moda, Zara and more. Also I bought sunglasses, but who cares?! I really need to ask for lenses and this way I won't forget because other ways I will not be able to wear those glasses and I want to so bad! Anyway, enjoy the video!


I would not be a female if I wouldn't be updating my wishlist every time again in my mind. Today I thought it was time to share my current wishlist with you because it has been a while since I last shared my wishlist with you guys. Today I'm craving for some typical winter items. The perfect warm and cozy sweater, warm socks, a checker scarf, the perfect winter boots, a small cute necklace and some black ripped up jeans. What are you currently craving?

Big City Life || OUTFIT

The day before yesterday I teamed up with my friend Senna again to shoot some outfit photos. She is really talented and I love the results! I think the day was interesting for both of us since we experimented a lot with different lenses and angles. I really like my new sweater from MANGO and of course I can't forget about this amazing scarf from Primark. I never thought Primark would have such an amazing scarf, it's perfect for me!

Layer Your Outfit Fall Edition

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to explain how you can create layers very easily. The trick is to give the outfit a complicated twist, but it also has to be comfortable. I suppose everyone has a dress and jackets, so here we go!