Bath Set Give Away || WIN

Hellow! Whether you will spend your holiday with friends, family or on your own, everyone wants to feel fresh and nice. I went shopping for you all and got this nice package of my favorite bath essentials including a hamam towel, bath ball, shower foam, a shower oil which contains argan oil and a white wooden basket for all your bath essentials. The winner takes it all! 

How to win this awesome bath package?

- Follow my blog on Bloglovin' OR YouTube
- Leave a comment below and tell me your e-mail address. 

So you want to earn some extra entries? This is how:

- Follow my blog on Bloglovin' AND YouTube (+1)
- Like this blog on Facebook (+1)
- Follow my blog on Twitter (+1)
- Follow my blog on Instagram (+1)
- Tweet something positive about this give away mentioning @BlogFashionAnna, the link to this blog article and #FashionAnnaGiveAway (+2)
- Post something positive about this give away on Facebook with a link to this post and the picture below (+2)
- Post the picture below on Instagram using the hashtag #FashionAnnaGiveAway (+2)

If you have any extra entries please tell me how many you have and what you did to earn them.

Good luck everyone and happy holidays! x Anna

I'm on Polished!

Polished is a YouTube show direct my Ingrid Nilsen from Missglamorazzi and presented by Amanda Steele from the YouTube channel MakeupByMandy24. I always watch their videos so I was so excited to see Amanda talk about my outfit on camera! At 2:55 minutes the section OOTW begins. I am in the second outfit and after the third outfit they will show me again because I won! I was literally so happy when I saw this! Yesterday two persons commented on my Instagram that I won and I was totally forgotten that I entered so I was like, what? What did I win? But then I realized I added the OOTW hashtag of Polished underneath so I immediately checked it out and I saw myself! So weird hehe. XOXO Anna

My First Vlogmas :)

Hey girls! Welcome to my very first Vlogmas ever! During the last 25 days before Christmas many YouTubers are joining the 'Vlogmas' by posting several vlogs. I won't be able to post a vlog everyday but I definitely want to start vlogging since I only have this vlog channel since a month or so. Today I went to the Sting in Arnhem to buy an awesome party outfit for Christmas. I really love the party clothes of the Sting and had such a difficulty choosing the best one! Make sure to tune in in a couple of days for an outfit post about the entire outfit I ended up purchasing. Also I went to the Starbucks and got some hot chocolate, which is always good of course. Do you already know what you are going to wear this party season? I'd love to know! Xx Anna

Christmas Room Decor Inspirations

Oh my Gucci, I literally can't wait for Christmas! What about you? Are you excited as well? If not, after this post you will because I will show you how you can transform your room into a Christmas atmosphere! It will look really cozy and who doesn't want their room to look cozy? I took all those gorgeous photos of my own room and I hope you will be able to make your room look even more beautiful!